Reliant Scimitar SE6


Above Reliant Scimitar SE6 as found.

Below Reliant Scimitar SE6 during initial build.

Make...   Reliant
Model...   Scimitar SE6
Engine type and size...   Ford Essex V6 3000cc
Gearbox...   Ford 4 speed o/d
Brakes... solid discs on the front
drums on the rear
Suspension...   Twin wishbone front, live axle rear on Reliant radius arms.
Wheels and tyres...   3 piece aluminium 15" rims, 205/60 x 15" Khumos
Exterior...   2 pack dark Blue paintwork.
Interior...   Standard Reliant leather trim.



This car was basically complete so the work done was more to re-commission it rather than restore it. The re-commissioning took the form of refreshing all the suspension, brakes, etc. Repairing the wiring which had been seriously damaged by vermin which appears to have lived in it during the 20 plus years lying idle.

Once all the mechanical and electrical work was done we set about doing the bodywork. The car was stripped of all the paint and the necessary repairs were carried out prior to painting.


The pictures left an right show this process.




Having done all the body repairs the shell is painted in a high build 2K primer.

Followed by several coats of 2K paint, dark blue in this case.



The finished car is now used as our works van.

To date has required little work save the normal running maintenance.

Though a little thirsty on short runs the car is capable of towing a loaded car trailer with consummate ease, and returns just shy of 30MPG doing so.