Make...   Austin Seven
Model...   Rochdale Mk2 Special
Engine type and size...   750 Austin Seven side valve
Gearbox...   Austin Seven 4 speed
Brakes... Front 7" drums cable operated
Rear 7" drums cable operated
Suspension...   Standard Austin Seven bowed axle with flattened springs
  Standard Austin Seven 'D' type axle with flattened springs
Wheels and tyres...   15" special rims on Austin Seven centres
Exterior...   Rochdale Mk 2 aluminium special body
Interior...   Simple


This one is going to take some pulling off, we are working with a 1934 long wheelbase Austin Seven rolling chassis which did have a special body fitted. However the body wasn't the prettiest of things and we just happened to have a spare Rochdale Mk2 body lying in the workshop.

This body is quite famous in its own right having once been fitted to a 1952 750 formula car which was campaigned extensively in the '50's by Dave Rees. By the mid 1980's the body was 'passed its best' and the car was re bodied by Dave Gregson, the original body was put to one side.

The photograph on the right is of the car with it's new body fitted.


You can see from the pictures on the left that we have quite a mountain to climb.

The first job is going to be salvaging as much of the original panel work as possible and making a new steel frame and dash bulkhead.

This will then be fitted to the existing long wheelbase chassis prior to the aluminium being test fitted. Once this is done and a new floor made up the rolling chassis can then be sent across to our aluminium body expert to make up a new nose cone, bonnet and side panels.