Midas gold 'k' series




Make...   Midas
Model...   Gold
Engine type and size...   1400cc 'K' series
Gearbox...   1400 'K' series
Brakes... Std late Metro discs on the front
Std Metro drums on the rear
Suspension...   Modified late Metro subframe maintaining all Metro components
  Scholar beam axle on our own radius arms and 'A' frame, supported on coil spring and damper assemblies, fully rose jointed
Wheels and tyres...   6" x 14" Superlites with 185 x 50 / 14" tyres
Exterior...   Ford (ASBO) Orange
Interior...   Custom dash and centre consol, bucket seats and black trim

On the left you can see the developement of this car with the newest incarnation bottom. Part finished the turbo intercooler can be clearly seen prior to the intercooler pipework being fitted.




As can be seen from the pictures above this car has undergone not just an engine change which in itself was no easy task but has also had a complete face lift. The single biggest problem we came across in doing this transplant was the fact that the 'K' series engine sits so far forward in the car, this interfered with the headlamps as originally designed. Our solution :- fit pop ups. The other thing that we were to find out fairly late on in the conversion was that with late Metro subframe grafted in place the track at the front of the car was some 3" wider than standard. This took some thinking about, the final solution was to remove the front arches and graft a 1" piece into each arch, this way we could maintain the look of the original Midas design whilst making room for the wider track. I think you will agree that the end result is quite pleasing.

The car was 'on the road' for some 5 year and the owner was more than happy with the result, the car being capable of some very respectable 0 to 60 times and is an easy cruiser on the motorway whilst maintaining that fun factor on good twisty 'A' roads.

Things have since moved on and the Midas is once again back in our workshop undergoing more developement. Apart from the obvious colour change it has been fitted with a 1600cc turbo 'K' series, it has been re wired to allow the use of a 3D mapping system for the engine. The rear axle has also had some treatment and has been modified to take inboard cantilevered suspension, using Metro front displacers as the springing media.