rochdale olympic phase 2

Make...   Rochdale
Model...   Olympic phase 2
Engine type and size...   MGB 1800cc
Gearbox...   Ford 5 speed
Brakes... Triumph discs on the front
Standard Riley drums on the rear
Suspension...   Std Olympic phase 2
  Std Olympic phase 2
Wheels and tyres...   4.5" x 13" Minator
Exterior...   Trophy Yellow
Interior...   To be arranged


This is a standard'ish Phase one which is currently undergoing the first stage of the restoration process. This process involves restoring the bodywork to a condition as near to the 'factory' finish as possible before the running gear and trim is re-fitted. As you can hopefully see from the pictures, we take pride in our workmanship, the finished article being our shop window.

Adjacent photos are of the finished body which has been repaired and the necessary preparation work was carried out before being painted in the customers choice of colour, in this case Rover Trophy Yellow, which I think you will agree suits this shape very well indeed. The paintwork will now be left to harden off before the suspension is added.

The suspension for this car is all ready restored and will be fitted very soon.



In this case our customer has prepared all his own running gear which has speeded up the re-build process no end. As can be seen from the pictures the standard of preparation of these components compliment what we are trying to do with the car. In this case the choice of engine was the old faithful MGB 1800cc 'B' series, it has however been mated to a Ford Mk 9 5 speed gearbox, this has made quite a long unit and has forced us to fit the engine in the car just a little further forward than I personally would have liked, on the plus side however we will be able to fit a heater behind the engine. The bespoke engine mountings have now been made for this engine and will be able to pick up on the original front subframe assembly so the whole package should be as strong, if not stronger than the original.