rochdale olympic phase 1

Make...   Rochdale
Model...   Olympic phase 1
Engine type and size...   MGB 1800cc
Gearbox...   MGB 4 speed and overdrive
Brakes... Marina discs on the front
Standard Rochdale drums on the rear
Suspension...   Standard Rochdale
  Standard Rochdale
Wheels and tyres...   4.5" x 13" steel wheels with 155 tyres
Exterior...   BL Roadliner green
Interior...   Standard Olympic in Grey and Black


As with all our Rochdale restorations firstly we strip the car down to a bare shell and repair all the glassfibre work both inside and out, restoring as far as practical all the inner bulkheads. We then repair the exterior bodywork before preparing it for the final finish colour. Unless otherwise instructed we always use a 2 pack paint scheme in the customers choice of colour. By stripping the car down to a bare shell we can paint all the interior and all shut lines, we feel that by doing it this way we can produce a superior re-build. 

We then restore all suspension components before re-fitting them to the finished shell.

The shell is finally trimmed and all interior fittings are replaced before the car is MOT'd and tested.

This car is destined to be a historic rally car, competing in long distance events in the capable hands of it's owner Robin Stretton. I believe the first event that this car is destined to do is early in June, the car is currently being prepared for this long distance event which hopefully wont prove to be too much of a trial.