Make...   Lotus.
Model...   Seven series 1c.
Engine type and size...   Coventry Climax FWP.
Gearbox...   BMC 'A' series 4 speed.
Brakes... Triumph discs on the front.
'A' series 7" drums on the rear.
Suspension...   Lotus twin wishbone.
  Lotus trailing link.
Wheels and tyres...   15" painted wire wheels all round.
Exterior...   Polished aluminium.
Interior...   Minimal.

This Lotus Seven has laid derelict for some time before the owner brought it to us. Initially the chassis was brought in for some remedial work, however it is now developing into a full restoration.

To this end we have already replaced a number of tubes in the chassis and re manufactured some of the missing brackets. We have also modified the chassis to take the Coventry Climax engine which has been attached to a BMC 'A' series gearbox. The rear section of the chassis has also had brackets manufactured to carry a roll bar and front facing brace as well as sensible seat belt mountings.

Above shows chassis repaired and the Covenrty Climax engine trial fitted